Congratulations Graduates!

Dear Graduates:

Hearty congratulations on your graduation achievement!  It truly is a momentous occasion to celebrate.  In your three years at Conrady, you have grown as learners in all subjects. We have tested your mettle as we challenged you to always try your best. Your efforts have paid off as you are now prepared for your high school curriculum. 

You have grown as citizens.  Our ROAR rules are rules to live by as you move forward. They will help you negotiate interactions with family, friends and your high school teachers.  


You have also matured emotionally during your time at Conrady.  The unprecedented remote learning schedule and reduced social interactions have been stressful, but have prepared you to accept new learning and life experiences in the future.  


We are very proud of you and your accomplishments.  Although you are moving on, you will always be Jaguars!


Best to you all,

Mrs. Adrienne Muniz, Principal
Mrs. Dorita McCabe, Assistant Principal
Mr. Spencer Brown, Assistant Principal